The formal stuff...

MA Art Education, 1999

School of the Art Institute of Chicago 

BFA Metals, 1997

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

The more interesting stuff...

From 1997-2006, my professional life consisted of non-profit arts work and creating mixed-media art pieces ranging from fiber-based paintings to found object sculptures and wearable light metals jewelry. In early 2006, after the birth of my first child and a solo exhibition at the International Museum of Surgical Science, I took a sabbatical from artmaking and shifted my focus to my new mom duties. Along the way, I kept my creative and entrepreneurial spirit alive by starting a custom baby clothing company called, HapaChick. Further down the line, I had two more baby boys and life got a little more complicated...throughout this 13-year parenting endeavor, I've kept my creative tendencies afloat by dabbling in set and costume design, photography, event planning, and culinary arts. Fast forward to the present and here I am with the clear intention to balance life with husband and three boys with an undying passion and wanderlust for food and travel, urban life, and making beautiful and meaningful things/experiences for those who I know and those who I don't know yet...In July 2019, LMK Delights came to fruition, a forum to merge my fine arts background with my love of all things edible!